About Us

Our Mission - Creating Wellness through Healthy Lifestyles.

Mr. David Ng is the founder and principal of ELL GEN (M) SDN BHD. An entrepreneur for all of his working life, David was stricken with Bell’s Palsy in 1998. His medical treatment consisted of both pharmaceutical and traditional medicines. Unfortunately, due to a reaction to the pharmaceuticals, he was unable to make a full recovery.

Realizing that his well-being now depended on a strict protocol of diet, exercise and ensuring that he minimized the intake of toxins and impurities in food and liquids, he and his family became focused on healthy lifestyles and began to explore opportunities in herbal and non-GMO foodstuffs on a commercial basis.

David was spending so much time researching wellness products and technologies that he soon found his business and personal interests being indistinguishable.

It was at this time that he became highly concerned about the impurities in our water supply and systems being developed to both purify and supplement the nutritional value of water. He had come to appreciate that the major healing waters on this earth, the so called “Miracle Waters”, are rich in hydrogen.

As a result, he turned his attention to the benefits of drinking water that contains solubilized hydrogen gas.

More than 700 scientific studies have shown Molecular Hydrogen to be therapeutic in essentially every organ of the human body and in over 170 different human disease models. The human body contains more than 50% water with the lungs representing 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%, heart and brain 73%, skin 64% and bones around 31%. Hydrogen is natural and safe for the human body and drinking water that contains solubilized hydrogen gas is the most effective method to deliver hydrogen to the body.

While natural hydrogen water is available in various containers like packets and bottles, it is not easy to source and the high costs of acquiring it make it prohibitive for most families. David focused his attention on achieving a well built, reliable, efficient and affordable hydrogen generation system.

David was successful in meeting Dr. Dongsoo Lim, Chief of the Homo-Hundred Health Research Institute in Korea, who has studied the application of technology to human health care and is the author of “The Answer is Hydrogen Dissolved Water” and his partner and coauthor, Mr. Kim Seo Kon, Chief Director of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. Their research into the enhanced immunity for human life by increasing body temperature in-order to realize a 100 years lifespan through the development of high quality antioxidant hydrogen dissolved water led to the production of the “Solco” Hydrogen Dissolved Water Generator.

After observing the successful improvement of peoples lives, including members of his own family, through the use of the “Solco” Hydrogen Dissolved Water Generator and sharing a common vision for improving the human body in a natural and safe manner, David, Dr. Lim and Mr. Kim Seo Kon have formalized their relationship and now offer the “ELL GEN SOLCO” Hydrogen Water Generator.

The “ELL GEN SOLCO” Generator applies patented technology of Sextuple Titanium Platinum Electrolysis separating oxygen and hydrogen from the water quicker and safer, then dissolves the hydrogen and diffuses it into the water molecules.

The major improvements to the “ELL GEN SOLCO” Generator over similar products in the market are;

1.    A high quality manufactured generator capable of producing a stable and high ratio of over 1,000ppb Dissolved Hydrogen Water.

2.    Retention of a high ratio of hydrogen even at temperatures up to 85° Celsius so you can enjoy hot water drinks like tea, coffee, etc.

3.    Despite the facts that hydrogen is very light and evaporates within minutes of being dissolved into water, the “ELL GEN SOLCO” system enables it to retain the hydrogen for up to 3 days.


David is so pleased with the new and improved “ELL GEN SOLCO“ Hydrogen Dissolved Water Generator that he has ensured his extended family and friends experience the benefits firsthand. He further recommends that all persons interested in healthy lifestyles reference their website at www.ellgen.com.my or call us at 603-7931 7231 (The School Jaya One Showroom) to access all the necessary information about this fantastic wellness product.