ELL GEN Solco Rich Hydrogen Dissolved Water is a product of a new Generation for Health, Youth and Beauty!

We create Wellness through Healthy Lifestyles for you and your family. Our hydrogen water is Natural and Safe; let us take your health to the next level!

Why ELL GEN SOLCO Rich Hydrogen-Dissolved Water?

The patented technology of ELL GEN SOLCO’s Hydrogen-dissolved Water Generator

The ELL GEN SOLCO’s patented electrolysis system with 6 titanium-platinum layering plates allows water (H2O) to rapidly and safely separates hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), so that hydrogen can rapidly spread out into water molecules to be dissolved.

The minimum standards for effective hydrogen water is:

1. Minimum concentration of 1,000 ppb (parts per billion)
2. Retains hydrogen in water for up to 3 days
3. Ability to withstand a minimum temperature of 85°C

ELL GEN Solco’s Hydrogen-dissolved water generators does even better!

1. Minimum concentration of over 1,000ppb

Hydrogen is not naturally contained in bottled or tap water. ELL GEN SOLCO’s hydrogen generators’ excellent technology allows ordinary water to contain strong and rich levels of hydrogen molecules to be safely dissolved in the water.

2. Retains hydrogen in water for up to 3 days

Hydrogen, one of the lightest substances, completely evaporates approximately 10 minutes after being dissolved into the water. ELL GEN SOLCO’s hydrogen-dissolved water generator is an innovative product allowing hydrogen to be retained for a longer time.

3. Ability to generate hydrogen at high temperatures allowing you to enjoy hot hydrogen coffee/tea

Hydrogen does not easily dissolve in water at high temperatures due to its sensitivity to temperature changes. ELL GEN SOLCO’s hydrogen water generator retains high quantities of hydrogen even at 85°C.

Solco a 46 years history Korean professional global medicail device & health care exports company to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Solco was established in 1974. The company researches materials for health treatment and has been manufacturing implants, surgical instruments for orthopedics and neurosurgery as well as developed health solutions to improve immunity, anti-oxidative activity and natural healing power of home used unit Hydrogen Rich Water Generator.

Benefits of human health with Hydrogen Dissolved Water supported by International Non Profitable Foundation of Scientific Medical Studies

No relevant source on benefits of human health from International Non Profitable Foundation of Scientific Medical Studies

ELL GEN Solco Hydrogen Dissolved Water Alkaline Ionized Water

Low wattage electrolysis with latest advance patented technology

Higher wattage electrolysis

No water separation

Water separation – Alkaline + Acidic or Ozone

Removal of oxygen (O2) from the water

There is no oxygen removal

Production of H2 does not depend on the amount of minerals in the water eg. distilled water or reverse osmosis water

Production of H2 depends on the presence of minerals in the water

Neutral water pH

Water pH greater than 7

Stable and high concentration of hydrogen

Low and inconsistent / unstable hydrogen

Retain high ratio of dissolved hydrogen at temperatures up to 85ºC


Retain dissolved hydrogen up to 3 days


ELL GEN Solco Hydrogen Dissolved Water Hydrogen Dissolved Water in Pack

(Remain unchanged)

Hydrogen Content

2000 - 2600ppb
(Upon packaging, will continue to drain)



160 - 200ml

Normal pH value of water

pH value

Normal pH value of water

Membrane electrolysis


Membrane electrolysis

Home pipe water

Water Source

Treated pipe water

Hydrogen Content
(When drinking)
ELL GEN Solco Hydrogen Dissolved
Water in Pack
Install or Packaging Above 1000 Above 2000-2600
3 Months Above 1000 Above 1000
6 Months Above 1000 Uncertain
9 Months Above 1000 Uncertain
24 Months Above 1000 Uncertain
Price (RM)
(When drinking)
ELL GEN Solco Hydrogen Dissolved Water in Pack 79-90 liter/ pack
Dispenser Atmospheric
Purchase 37 10,300 5000++
3 Months 0 0 5000++
6 Months 0 Filter Change 5000++
9 Months 0 0 5000++
12 Months 0 Filter Change 5000++
Drink Everyday Unlimited Unlimited 1 Lt
Total for 12 Months 3950 11,160 25,000++

Want to know how ELL GEN Solco Rich Hydrogen Water can help you stay young and healthy?

Studies on molecular hydrogen have
evolved tremendously throughout the years.

Hydrogen is extremely unique, it is the smallest molecule in the universe. This gives it a higher cellularbio-availability above any other supplements, drug or nutriceutical.

Molecular Hydrogen can rapidly diffuse deep into all the human body cells and mitochondria, easily pass through the blood brain barrier. Currently about 150 different disease models have been studied, in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect.

How does Molecular Hydrogen work?

Human, animal and cell studies shows that this hydrogen exerts beneficial effects via four primary methods.

1. It can recognize toxic hydroxyl radicals in the body.

2. It instantaneously converts toxic hydroxyl radicals in your body to water.

3. It maintains the homeostatic levels of our body’s own antioxidants.

4. It also has a beneficial effect on cell signaling, cell metabolism, and gene expression, which gives it anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-aging effects.

Focus Better and DO More with
Hydrogen Enriched Water!

For Sports and Exercise

• Reduce Lactic acid build up and speed up recovering time

• Boost Athletic Performance

For Study and Work

• Stay Energized

• Better Concentration and improve memory

• Improve Cognitive functions

For Sickness

• Boost Natural Defenses

e.g. against influenza & other viral infection

• Anti- Inflamation

• Anti- Allergy

• Neuroprotective

• Radioprotective

For Old Age

• Improve joint mobility

• Boost Metabolism

• Supports glucose homeostasis

• Stabilizes cholesterol levels

• Prevent age-related decline in cogitive capacity - dementia,parkinson disease

• Prevent Atherosclerosis

• Improves Bladder Dysfunctions

• Improves Kidney Dysfunctions

• Ease Menopause Symtoms

For Beauty and Well-Being

• Ideal Antioxidant

• Anti- Aging

• Promote Slimming

Prepare your daily meals with
ELL GEN Solco Hydrogen Water

Wash and soak vegetables, fruits, meats and rice grains for
5-10 minutes in hydrogen water

Not only cleans and makes these produce safe, but also enhances food
crunchiness, better taste and enriches it with hydrogen.