Hydrogen Benefits on Skin Beauty

Now no one will ever confuse molecular hydrogen (H²) or hydrogen water with creamy,perfumed skin creams. But while molecular hydrogen may not have the cachet of an expensive cosmetics, it does have science on its side.

Numerous studies show that the application of molecular hydrogen significantly prevents cell death and DNA damages; suppresses UVA-included skin damages/ wrinkle caused by ROS- scavenging; and promotes the collagen synthesis in dermis.

H² also an integral part of your anti-aging arsenal because of its amazing skin health benefits. Our skin is our largest organ encompassing all other organs of our body. It is constantly exposed to reactive oxygen species (ROS) from the environment like pollution, radiation, and more.Molecular hydrogen acts as an anti-oxidant, reduces oxidative damage in the skin, fights inflammation and helps slow down the aging process hence giving you younger and healthier looking skin.

Hydrogen Health & Beauty Expert

Cailyna rich hydrogen skin care product features

Perfect All-In-1 Solution to
Younger & Beautiful Skin

Hydrogen – The new age Revolution of Generation Alpha Ingredient.
• High anti-oxidant
• The smallest molecule in the universal
• Rapid diffuse deep into human cells and mitochondria
• 100% Hydrogen Water patented technology (AHHS)
• Anti-inflammatory
• Skin Immunity
• Anti-aging
• Anti-allergy


Increases the regenerative capacity of skin cells- tightens and increases elasticity of skin, fully resists the signs of aging. Suitable for face and around the eyes.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Oligopeptide-28 (Peptide Complex NP7)

• Skin elasticity
• Collagen
• Skin Suppression
• Reducing fine lines
• Whitening
• Moisturizing

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)

• Promote skin metabolism
• Regenerative ability skin firming and elasticity

(Special Culture extract 4 kinds of powerful plant stem cells)

• Strengthens skin barrier
• Promote skin energizing
• Remove dark eye circles & eye bag
• Corrects pigment spots
• Skin vitality & nourishing
• Skin brightening
• Protect skin from sun UV, environment and harsh chemicals

Patented Technology Miracle Hydrogen Powder

• Deep Penetration to skin cellulars

*98% of users immediately feel the compact effect after the first use.


Make up Remover, Cleanser, Exfoliator & Skin Care in one step!

Deep cleanse by removing oil
and fine dust, and promotes moisturizing

• Charcoal powder
• Shea butter
• Royal Honey
• Collagen

Provide skin vitality & retain skin moisture

• Hydrolyzed Soy Protein extract
• Patented Aquaxyl

Patented Aquaxyl

• To boost hyaluronic acid levels

Facilitates anti-aging &
promotes skin hydrating
with aromatherapy effects

• Orange oil
• Sunflower oil
• Olive husk oil

Nourishes skin

• Rich protein
• Letcithin
• Vitamin A & E


Pore Care/ Whitening/ Hydrating/ Moisturizing/ Soothing/
Anti-Bacterial/ Anti-Acne/ Antioxidant/ Sebum Control
Suitable for face and around the eyes.

25,500ppm Citrus Junos Extract

• The ultimate vitamin for tightens pores,
brightening skin tone &
restores skin elasticity

Papaya Natural Fruit Extracts Grapefruit peel oil

• Remove dead skin cells and
promote softer & younger skin

Anti aging improve problematic skin

eg. Acne, pimples

Patented Aqua Micro Capsule Formulation

• Best cooling agents that instantly
lower skin temperature to 31ºC &
keeps skin refresh longer time

Evermat (Enantia Chlorantha & Herbs extracts)

• Patented active ingredients for
pore tightening and sebum control


Revive mask

Elasticity, Lifting, Reduce Fine Lines, Whitening &
Rejuvenating Functional Repair Mask

Special thickness mask fabric

• Maximized 40g of concentration serum
• Moisturizing absorption power with perfect adhesion

Special High- Density Pouch

• To preserves hydrogen safely

15 natural plants extracts High Concentration Serum

• Intense lifting
• Promote elasticity
• Corrects pigment spots
• Reduce fine lines
• Even skin complexion
• Whitening
• Deep skin moisturizing
• Deep skin hydrating
• Anti-bacteria
• Pore minimizer
• V-shape lifting
• Protect skin from sun UV, environment and harsh chemicals
• Reduce skin puffiness

* After using the mask, the amazing moisturizing and elasticity effect is maintained for 2~3 days. Unisex.

Ellgen H2 Mist Spray

AHHS Patented Hydrogen Water Mist Spray

“Importance of restoring basic skin immunity”

Firm and moist skin barrier > Increase skin immunity
Can be used as a toner and moisturizing after makeup
Suitable for both men, women and children

Convert 100% of purified water/ mineral water into hydrogen-rich water