A New Paradigm

Extracting Juice in its Natural Form

What is Vacuum Blending?

This latest technology allows a vacuum to form inside the blending jar before blending starts to retain the freshness of vegetables and fruits.
The beverage prepared using the vacuum blender reduces exposure to air, thus minimizing oxidation/ browning and bubbles to create a smooth drinking experience.

Vivid Color through Anti-oxidation

Vacuum blended beverages using the OZEN vacuum blender retain its fresh color and nutrients, without the oxidation.
Ordinary blender mixes air with the pulverized ingredients while blending resulting in bubbles and pale color, as the oxidation and browning takes effect immediately.

Retain a Fresh Taste

OZEN vacuum blender eliminates air before blending thus preventing separation and retaining freshness longer.
Beverages prepared with an ordinary blender mixes air with the pulverized vegetables or fruits resulting in separation.

Smooth Drinking Experience Down to Fiber

OZEN vacuum blender finely blends even the vegetable fiber and fruit peels in a vacuum.
Enjoy your vegetables and fruit juices without wasting any of it or having to taste the coarse fiber in vegetables.

Easy Cleaning

Safe and easy to disassemble. Made of BPA free eco-friendly tritan material which is transparent and clear.

Dual Safety Lock

Jar and suction lid clicks into position and anchors to the base of the main body.
Only operates when these safety devices are properly assembled.

Ozen Vacuum Blender

Ozen Vacuum Blender forms a vacuum inside the jar to produce juice in its most natural form without destroying nutrients or browning the content.
Comes with an additional vacuum tumbler to store blended juices or other foods to retain freshness.
Additional vacuum tumblers are available for purchase under Accessories .


Vacuum Tumbler (Set of 3s)

Fits perfectly onto the main vacuum blender body. Vacuum your blended juices or other foods without the blending function, to retain freshness.