Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Business Partner Terms and Conditions

1. Applicant must be 18 years of age and above.

2. Upon Ell Gen accepting the applicant to be Ell Gen’s business partner, the applicant will automatically be recognized as a business partner of Ell Gen and the business partnership will remain valid as long as the business partner abide by and conform to the Ell Gen Business Partner Rules & Regulations as stated in Ell Gen Business Partner’s Starter Kit.

3. The business partner agrees to study the Ell Gen Business Partner’s Starter Kit as well as the Direct Selling Act and the business partner agrees to abide by all the operational procedures, rules & regulations therein stated. The business partner acknowledges that any violation of the Terms of Agreement, the Ell Gen Business Partner’s Code and Ethics, Rules and Regulations or any obligations the business partner may have with Ell Gen, may result in the termination of the business partnership or other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Ell Gen Management.

4. The business partnership will be terminated if there is no minimum of the required direct sale / business partnership recruitment over 12 months without notice. Should the business partner wish to renew his/her business partnership in Ell Gen, he/she is required to submit a new application.

5. Termination of a business partnership for whatsover reason(s) will result in the withdrawal of all benefits, privileges and recognition of the business partner immediately.

6. In the process of sponsoring new recruits and promoting Ell Gen’s products, the business partner shall not violate the Direct Selling Act and induce customers by quoting exceptional example, misappropriate money of downline, business partner or customers, or accept any form of corrupt offers.

7. Without prior approval from the Ell Gen Management, the business partner shall refrain from:

a) Promoting Ell Gen’s products and/or Ell Gen’s activities through any form of advertisement; or

b) Recruiting new business partners through media.

8. Ell Gen reserves the right to accept or reject any application form for any reason at its discretion including applications that contain incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modifications will be subjected to verification.

9. Business parttners are solely responsible for the compliance with applicable taxation requirements.

10. At any time, the business partner’s action or conduct must not damage Ell Gen’s interest and reputation.

11. The business partner agrees to keep abreast and be bound by all changes and updates.

12. Ell Gen reserves the rights to amend the Terms of Agreement and Ell Gen Business Partner’s Starter Kit without any prior notice or explanation.